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Based in Petaling Jaya, Ringo has been providing the finest quality of learning experience and translation services for corporate clients and language learners since 1999.
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Ringo Language & Translation Services


Client: Ringo Language & Translation Services

Service: Website Development, Copywriting & SEO

Year: 2020


Ringo Language & Translation Services has been providing the finest quality of learning experience and translation services for corporate clients and language learners since 1999. Ringo has an existing website which the overall design seems dated and doesn’t align with their overall brand direction. 

The founder identified the need of revamping their existing website and also wanted to have a better ranking in Google Search Engines. Hence, they approached Rebrand for a revamping plan and a strategy to rank higher for certain keywords in search engines to gain higher exposure and brand awareness.


Rebrand quickly came out with a revamping plan along with a proposed new design for the website to uplift the overall brand identity. Once we’ve decided the overall look and feel for the design, we then work towards the goal and never look back since! The founder has been very informative and provided great guidelines towards building the new website. 

Our team also came up with a list of keywords that are worth investing the time and effort for SEO such as “language center in petaling jaya”, “korean class in petaling jaya”, “japanese class in petaling jaya” and many more. Once we ironed out the keywords, our SEO strategists then optimised the contents so that they are aligned with the SEO objective that our team are trying to achieve for Ringo Malaysia.


Rebrand identified the brand colours and utilised the brand colours throughout the new website so that it could bring out the brand impression that Ringo wanted to present to their audiences. With the newly created website, visitors can quickly identify which page they are viewing when it comes to specific language courses. The previous poorly designed website has caused users to navigate through the web pages  and high bounce rates. This is no longer the case once we have rectified this issue with the newly thought design.

Furthermore, with our 4 months of Search Engine Optimisation effort, we are able to help our client to rank the newly designed website for several keywords on page 1. With such high rankings, it has boosted the number of organic traffic and created better exposure to new potential visitors for Ringo.







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