So you’re an entrepreneur that starts off on your own adventure. You’re hyped up, determined and wanted to make your business as successful as possible, so you’ve decided to have a website. Once you’ve done setting up the all important website, you started to noticed that no one actually visits the website of yours. You started to wonder, or even doubt is it because the website looks awful? Copywriting are not good enough?

The reality is, starting a website is easy but getting visitors are the hard part. It is the same concept of running a physical shop, which you need to let your neighbourhood aware of your shop’s presence. We’re going to go through 5 proven ways of getting website traffic and drive them to the website of yours.

#1 Write Irresistible Contents

Everyone is up for a good read, especially great contents that provide value. Always remember, the engagement level of the visitors are highly dependant on how well written your content are. Try to create content that are worth sharing around, which could set your website on autopilot mode. No wonder people always said that Content is King.

#2 Leverage on Facebook Ads

Facebook had an abundance of audiences which close to 2 billions of people. With such vast amount of people, shouldn’t you be using leveraging on Facebook Ads to try to get your business in front of potential customers? All you have to make sure is the offer that you’re trying to make to people are highly enticing and provide absolute value to them in return. Having a great landing page also complements this marketing strategy which could convert traffic into potential sales and leads.

#3 Target the right people at the right time with Google Ads

People will always turn to Google when they faced a problem or an issue. This is where you could captivate potential customers when they are searching for a specific product or service. Imagine your Google Ads pops right up when a customer was searching for “Best Pizza in Town”. Having a catchy and cliche headlines could make people couldn’t resist but to click into it and see what your business could offer them. Just make sure that your ads are well optimised so that you could avoid putting money on fire.

#4 Ensure your website is Mobile Usable

Google has already set mobile responsive as one of their key point on ranking your website in their search engine. If you’re really serious about driving traffic to your website, make sure this point is checked! You may use Google Page Insight Tools to check the friendliness of your website and ensure it conforms to all the guidelines available.

#5 Focus on Email Marketing

Email Marketing is another great way in driving traffic to your website or blog. Most of the people are checking on their emails on a daily basis, whether on their mobile phones or laptops. If you were able to provide an offer, or letting your customer list knows that you have a new product to offer through emails, they might pay you a visit. But do note that you would have to find ways to acquire a customer list before starting an email marketing campaign (No, I do not mean spam.)