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Guts & Co. is a fashion brand founded in Malaysia, spreading warrior spirit, love and care.
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Client: Guts & Co.

Service: Website Development

Year: 2021


Guts & Co. is a fashion brand founded in Malaysia, spreading warrior spirit, love and care. With a passion in fashion and streetwear, the founders of Guts & Co. reached out to Rebrand to create a brand new E-Commerce platform that could provide convenience and great user experiences for their loyal customers when it comes to purchasing their merchandise.


Guts & Co. wanted to have an E-Commerce platform that could reward and allow their loyal followers to purchase credit points which can be used to purchase products at a discounted rate. With the pandemic in rage, Guts & Co. also planned to sell all of their products through digital and online means without relying much on physical stores.


The final website of Guts & Co. consists of a credit / e-wallet system that allows users to purchase store credits that could be used whenever they want to purchase any items. Furthermore, Guts & Co. houses multiple brands and products that allows users to purchase and checkout within 3 easy steps. 

The successful launch of Guts & Co. website also generated a huge traffic and viewership within the week after its launch. We hope Guts & Co. would have a great journey ahead and bringing their business to a whole new level with the newly built E-Commerce platform.







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