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Website: www.perchair.com.my

Client: Perchair Malaysia

Service: Website Revamption

Year: 2020


Perchair Malaysia is an established furniture design company that helps company to plan and conceptualize an environment by complementing with designer chairs to improve the vibe and ambience. Perchair has an existing website of their own, however their development vendors could not provide a website that could meet their expectations. Hence, Perchair approached our company in hope that we could provide some suggestions and overall improvements over their unfortunate state. We felt the urge to help Perchair knowingly they had spent their resources in terms of money and time but could not achieve a satisfying return for their brand.


We initiated the separation discussion from their previous developer vendors and migrated their website to an entire new hosting server. Navigating through the current assets and files available, we could only salvage some of the pages that are deemed usable. However, we’re striving to provide a great customer experience for Perchair so that they could have a better trust towards brand agency like us in the future. The strategy after the migration was simple, to create a brand new looking design that could bring out Perchair’s vision and directions.


We’ve communicated regularly with the client so that we could have a better understanding towards the design perspective of Perchair and the ideas that they want to realize. The overall collaboration journey is truly a fun and exciting which benefited both parties. With stunning and photogenic scene photographs and fruitful discussions, Rebrand managed to revamped the entire website to a more simplistic and modern looking website that distinctly separates itself from some of the interior design agency.


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