Tomorrow Showtime is a boutique and fashion design brand located at Berjaya Times Square that specializes in fully customized shoes.
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Website: www.tomorrowshowtime.com

Client: Tomorrow Showtime

Service: Website Development

Year: 2019


Tomorrow Showtime is a boutique and fashion design brand that specializes in fully customized shoes. With the help of their CIY specialists, customers can customize their perfect kicks with over 3000 accessories provided. Operating in Berjaya Time Square which serves a plentiful amount of customers in the city center of Kuala Lumpur.

Since their inception in the fashion industry, they are still lacking of a website of their own. Moreover, due to the uprising popularity of E-Commerce in Malaysia, the management of Tomorrow Showtime also wanted to have their very own E-Commerce platform that could encourage higher amount of sales from their potential target customers especially younger generations that are technological savvy. Hence, they turned to QC Fixer Solutions and Rebrand Malaysia to head the transformation of their brand’s digitalization journey.


Together with QC Fixer Solutions, we’ve worked closely with Tomorrow Showtime business owners to iron out the requirements and necessary information that they want to present in the website. It was a fun and interactive two way communications that both parties enjoyed in working and collaborating throughout the journey.

In order to allow Tomorrow Showtime to sell shoes from their website, we are tasked to come up with a solution that best fit for their current situation.


We’ve crafted a brand new design layout for their website that best represents their company’s passion towards fashion while retaining playful nature and creativity of their brand. The clean and minimalistic design of the website emphasises the striking nature and brilliant designed shoes of Tomorrow Showtime which makes them appeared more alluring to customers.

Furthermore, we incorporated an E-Commerce solution within the website that allows them to convert their website into an E-Commerce platform that would attract potential visitors and customers to purchase their goods without even setting foot into their physical store.

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