What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Popular search engines like Google and Bing use bots to crawl websites’ contents on their pages and put them in an index (sequencing them in a huge library of websites). Next, these search engines use search algorithms to display appropriate websites to people that are searching for specific keywords. Search engines wanted to show the most relevant content to people so that they could provide the information that people are looking for.

Why is SEO in Malaysia Important?

This is where SEO comes into play in which we’re going to optimise our website and make it as much relevant to certain keywords so that it would pull up in the first page when people are looking for it. There’s a lot of factors and techniques when it comes to SEO in which you might have to consult a SEO expert if you’re not familiar with the technicality of the search domains.

In short, SEO is an approach in making your website rank higher for certain keywords in search engines by adhering to best practices and standards, on-page techniques and even writing articles that could boost the appearance of your brand.

Is SEO worth investing in?

89% of consumers use search engines for purchase decisions – Brafton. This signifies that search engines are the main source of information that would influence a buyer’s decision. Imagine your brand appears when someone is searching for something that they are planning to buy. Appearing at the right time to the right person would result in a conversion and a customer. Nowadays, most of the people are active internet users and use search engines on a daily basis. You can go wrong with investing in SEO in Malaysia if it could help your brand to captivate a potential of 30 Million+ people’s eyeball attention.

What is the SEO Packages Malaysia

There are many SEO companies in Malaysia and each offering different pricing packages and offers. Rebrand Malaysia is one of the SEO Company Malaysia who specializes in WordPress Website SEO Malaysia. Our SEO optimization plans are pretty straightforward, which is RM488 / month for 8 keywords, RM888 / month for 16 keywords and RM1,488 / month for 16 keywords + 1 Article Write Up.

We focus on the low hanging fruits which are the low competitive keywords with decent search volume and work towards those that are highly competitive search terms within your industry. Even though we are providing 8-16 keywords optimization for your website, you will definitely get more than the keywords we promised to be on the first page at the end of the year.

You may also check out our seo packages malaysia pricing for more detailed information on how we optimise your website for long term success. Our techniques are purely white hat SEO which involves on-page SEO method, optimising keywords, improving alternate texts in images, enhancing website load speed etc.

What to look for when comparing the SEO Packages Malaysia?

There are several things that you might have to consider when it comes to hiring a SEO agency that could help you reach the goal that you wanted for your brand. Here are some of the few red flags that you should take note of if the agency claims they are a SEO expert.

Not ranking in their industry

Their website is nowhere to be found for any keywords that are relevant to their industry. If they are not ranking for themselves, how convinced are they to help you rank your website for the keywords that they claim?

Ranks your website on page 1 within short period

Agencies that claimed that they could rank your site on page 1 within weeks is a big No-No. This is because it has been clearly stated by Google that “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google”. Companies might be claiming that they have special relations, partnerships and channels to rank you quickly on search engines, which will always come with huge consequences such as getting your website blacklisted by search engines.

Secretive in nature

Is the agency that you’re consulting very secretive on all the things that they are working on when it comes to SEO activities? Some of them might even try to convince you to believe in them and trust in their expertise whereas there is not a sliver of transparency in sight. Be sure to ask what kind of activities are being taken, which sites are referring the backlinks to your website and what kind of optimisations are they working on the website.


Proper search optimisations can definitely boost your brand exposure within your community or even locality. Investing in Search Engine Optimisations would bring along many benefits towards your business and is one of ways to increase revenue and lower costs of customer acquisitions.

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