WordPress Malware poses a high threat to our web security

Nowadays, WordPress Malware is very common. One day you might even have one lurched on a website that you are currently hosting. It sounded scary however we could prevent all this from happening if we ensure our website is secure and always stay up to date.

Over the several years, WordPress had been increasingly popular due to its simplistic usage and elegant web touch. However, it also increases the numbers of web malware in a demanding rate which these malware targets WordPress websites. These are some of the few tips that you could take away to make your website more secure.

Ensure WordPress is the latest version

This is a common mistake that everyone has made which is not keeping the WordPress version up to date from time to time. This is a very costly mistake as outdated versions of WordPress will no longer have support for security. WordPress usually comes with automatic updates which is a good feature so make sure this configuration is being turned on.

Vulnerabilities in Themes / Plugins

WordPress also houses an approximate of 20,000 plugins and themes which is also growing from day to day. Besides, there are around 700 over million websites in the world are created by WordPress at this point. This signifies a huge popularity of WordPress and it made hackers want to exploit it even further. They are not required to hack websites with latest WordPress version but to those websites that are using old and insecure versions.

Hence, as a knowledgable consumer, we must keep ourselves from this threat by updating not just the WordPress versions but ensure the plugins and themes are updated too. Furthermore, we also need to ensure the plugins and themes came from a respective company or team of people. Through this, we could ensure that it doesn’t comes with a malware payload.

Regular Maintenance on websites for WordPress Malware prevention

Business owners might have thought that after they had paid a vendor to build a website, there are no maintenance effort required. From my perspective, it is a false perception which everyone should adjust their mindset. Having a good looking website is not enough, we also should put effort into maintaining it.

A highly maintained website would reduce the risk of being hacked by some unethical hackers. At Rebrand, we provide maintenance supports for business owners which they should definitely check it out. Having a team of professionals maintaining your website is way better than handling the entire website on your own.

These are some of the guidelines and advice that we pointed out for securing your website. As long these guidelines are adhered, your website should be highly secure and good in the long run.