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I want a website for my business which is suitable?

There are several packages that we offer. You may check out which package features suits you most over here: View Pricing 

I want to sell products from my website. Can I do that?

Yes, you definitely can sell products in your website by purchasing the E-Commerce Package. You may check out the details over here: View Pricing

What is the difference to appoint rebrand to build my site rather than I build it myself?

Appointing Rebrand to build your site could allow you to have more time to focus on your business and expansions. Our services are most suitable for those who lack of ideas and designing skills on creating an attractive website. Leave the hardwork to us while you focus on other core parts of your business.

I might want to sell my products in multiple marketplaces (Lazada, Shopee and etc).

We also provide a more sophisticated E-Commerce solution that allows you to have a successful E-Commerce Business. You may check out the details over here: View Pricing

How do I receive payments from my website when customers make purchases?

We will suggest a few payment vendors (PayPal, KiplePay, iPay88 and etc) for you in order for you to choose which payment vendor suits you. 

Each of the vendor have different terms and conditions (ie: Setup Fee, Annual Fee, Transaction Fee) in which these costs were to bear by you. We would only help you to perform integration between your website and payment vendor.

Does your packages include domain and hosting?

Most of our packages comes with FREE 1 year domain, hosting and SSL encryptions

What is my web hosting specifications?

The hosting comes with 10 GB storage, 1 GB RAM, 5 Email Accounts and can support 10K Monthly user visits. If you require high specifications, we could arrange it for you at added cost. 

What happens after the first free 1 year of domain and hosting?

Your website would require a non-expired domain name and host to allow visitors to access the website. 

Hence, we provide an annual renewal fee of RM699.00 which includes domain & hosting renewal and website version updates.

Can I update images, edit contents for my website?

Yes, of course! We would have a session of CMS training which we would train you or your staff on how to make basic changes to the website such as update images, change contents and product uploads. 

I don’t have time to make changes to my website, can you help me with that?

We provide a monthly maintenance subscription package depending on your needs. Our maintenance would be including tasks like update existing pages, create new pages, product uploads and etc. 

How long would it take to complete a website for my business?

As long we have the sufficient information, the website could be completed within 10 working days. The duration also subject to number of revisions or changes along the project timeline. 

What is expected of me as a client?

We would require to have constant effective communication with you throughout the project duration. You are also required to provide information and images of your business to be included in the website. 

If I have questions, is there someone to talk to?

Whenever you have a problem or issue, feel free to raise a ticket to our support via email ([email protected]), live chat or phone call. We are always ready to help out. 

I’m ready to start my project. What’s next?

If you are ready to start, please contact us at [email protected] or call to +60 113957 0709 to make a purchase. 

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