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Purchase Package & Payment

You are required to purchase a package (50% deposit for project kickstart) and make payment (Bank Transfer, PayPal, Credit or Debit Cards) accordingly. Our friendly staff would reach out to you once we’ve received your purchasing order. You may still contact us at [email protected] for any issues or inquiries.


Information Gathering & Meetup

Next, we’ll be sending out a form that requires your corporation by giving us the necessary details such as images, sitemap, domain name, contents and etc. We’ll be working closely together at this stage to get to know more of your business. Furthermore, we’ll be providing designs and theme color suggestions that goes well with your business.


Coding & Development

After our meetup and requirement gathering session. Our team will jump right in to make your website come to live. Leave the hardwork to us whereby you can focus all your attentions into growing your business.


Quality Assurance

Great! Your website is very near to launch day at this phase, aren’t you excited? However, we still require to ensure everything works well and behave within our expectation in our website. Hence, during this stage, we’ll be testing each and every button, links and features that could be found in the website. Besides, we’ll be testing our site in multiple browsers to ensure consistency. 


Launch & Support

We’ve finally made it to this last stage where we’ll be launching your website to the world. After a successful launch, we are going to provide our full support for you to maintain your new website. Congratulations again on your achievement, you deserve a pad on the shoulder.

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