Today there are tons of websites being hosted around the world. It can be a business website, blog, e-commerce and others. Good websites should have the following traits and characteristics.

Mobile Responsive

Do you know that mobile responsive is one of the traits that Google Search Engine ranks you for? Hence, if you are determined to rank higher than your competitors in search engine, you should not neglect this important aspect.

Furthermore, people nowadays tend to view sites from their mobile devices like tablets or phones. If sites looks or behave awfully in mobile dimensions, it will critically impact your business.

Fast Loading Speed

Site visitors tend to close the window if the website requires more than 10 seconds to load the full website. Thus, this action would lead to sales generation and reduction in site traffic.

There are multiple ways to check your website loading speed. You may check your website with GTMetrix analytics tool which you could find here. GTMetrix would provide you a detailed analysis on parts of the site requires improvement.

SSL Encrypted

Secure Sockets Layer is a standard technology that safeguards sensitive data that are sending between two systems. SSL encrypted sites also prevents hackers intercept sensitive data.

E-Commerce sites must have SSL since they are dealing with daily transactions and sensitive data. Hence, Make sure your website is encrypted and provide a boost in confidence to your customers.

Elegant Design

Lastly, we would focus on the design of the your website. Websites that oozes with beautiful visuals could attract visitors. Moreover, website with clear navigation paths could provide a good user experience for visitors to navigate around your site.

These are some of the characteristics that a good website should have. Rebrand Malaysia creates websites that has these traits which you might want to check it out over here for more details.

I hope that you could gain some insightful knowledge from this guide. Till next time, be sure to check out our blog regularly for more tips and tricks.