A highly effective disinfectant product that protects you from unseen germs and bacterias.
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Website: www.avotab.com

Client: Avotab Malaysia

Service: Branding & Website Development

Year: 2020


Avotab Malaysia is established by Wylan since 2019 with the aim of creating for a more comprehensive and safe disinfectant in Malaysia. With an ambitious aim, they came across with Rebrand hoping that our agency could help them in their venture to bring their products to life and to the hands of their potential customers.


Rebrand started off with a brand creation journey for Avotab. Handpicking suitable fonts and colours that would represent their business nature and stood out from the market.  We’re up for the task in creating the packaging design that best suit their brand. We designed a clean looking but yet striking design to increase the conversion rate of Avotab when it hit the stores in convenience stores and supermarkets.

Besides, Wylan would also require an online channel to distribute and market their products through digital means. Hence, we also helped them to create an e-commerce website that would allow potential customers to purchase their products with ease.


Rebrand created a logo for Avotab that goes neatly together with their brand new packaging design. All the hard work and effort was poured in to enhance the brand recognition of Avotab. Furthermore, we also hand-crafted a brand new E-Commerce website that is great looking, mobile responsive and searchable which brings quite a huge value for our client, Wylan. 




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