In the world of digital marketing, there are a vast amount of techniques or strategy. You might even heard of certain strategy could work well compared to the others from experts, agencies and freelancers. Do you actually know how to evaluate which strategy works best and which wouldn’t?

In order for you to compete in this competitive landscape of digital marketing, we’ve had outlined 8 Effective Digital Marketing Strategy You Need in 2019 and Beyond. We hoped that you could be a digital marketing expert at the end like Rebrand one day.

#1 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

You’ve might have heard of SEO but do you actually understand what it means? SEO particularly means that using different techniques to optimise your website in order to rank higher in search engines such as Google Search Engine.

You can optimise SEO for your website so that it ranks higher when a user types in for a certain keyword. How does Google ranks your website, you might ask? It actually depends on the relevancy of your website content, targetted keywords, domain authority and so on.

There are a huge list of factors that could affect SEO rankings for your website. With adequate amount of knowledge in SEO and using the right tools, you will rank your website on the first page in no time. However, SEO actually requires patience and consistency in terms of optimisation. In other words, your website won’t rank on first page within a short period of time.

Hence, we usually recommend that you have an expert to manage SEO for you if you truly wanted results. Although you could pick up a trick or two by yourself, having an expert that actually works in the domain could provide you the best strategy for you.

#2 Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

If you are still new to Search Engine Marketing, you might heard of some agencies abbreviated as SEM. It is a form of paid advertising that ranks your website on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). The most popular SERP paid advertising is Google Ads Marketing.

With the help of Google Ads, you can actually advertise your website on the very first page of search results as an advertisement. Through this, your website get the exposure that it needed and potentially draw visitors to your website. Hence, this form of advertisement is quite effective in its way. However, the downside is that it would cost money but it only cost you money when people click on your advertisement, A.K.A Paid Per Click (PPC).

You can familiarise yourself by at least understand the process of this form of digital marketing and how it works. A bonus tip for you is that, you can actually even get yourself certify in Google Ads like what we did over here. This certification tests your knowledge on how well you know your way through Google Ads variations such as Search Ads, Display Ads, Shopping Ads and etc.

Since there’s so many variations of Google Ads, it is up to your business to decide which strategy works well. However, to get the most out of your money, it is still recommended to get a Google Ads Expert to help you plan out the best digital marketing strategy.

#3 Social Media Marketing (SMM)

The third digital marketing strategy that you should explore is Social Media Marketing (SMM). I bet you’ve seen numerous advertisements appeared in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and many more. These are called Social Media Marketing and is leveraged by most of the businesses out there.

Nowadays, people usually hangouts in popular social media platforms which is Facebook and Instagram. Thus, this is where you should go and market to your potential customers. Facebook Ads is very effective when it comes to acquire people’s engagements which you should leverage as a business owner.

Facebook offers audience targeting which allows you to target people that are similar to your customers. With the right strategy, you can get people to convert into your customers. Facebook has an active 2.45 billion users which is close to one third of population in the world.

Come to think of it, the possibility are endless. However, you need to craft highly engaging and share worthy posts or contents so that people could get the word out for your business. This is one of the digital marketing strategy that you should not neglect as a business owner that wants to build a successful business.

#4 Content Marketing

“Content Is King”, this phrase is not unfamiliar but also very accurate when it comes to digital marketing. Crafting striking contents, irresistible headlines are one of the few things that you should know when it comes to content creation. Content Marketing is a big part of audience attracting which you should be take note of this digital marketing strategy.

Gone are the days where black hat SEO tactics dominates the google search engine and ranks high on the search results. Google works really hard in tackling black hat SEO in which they ranks web pages based on content relevancy, value, and uniqueness of each content. Hence, crafting valuable contents could help you net more organic traffic. In short, if you ever want to excel in digital marketing, content marketing should be one of your primary focus.

#5 Remarketing

Did you know that you can actually remarket to your website visitors? Thanks to today’s technological advancements, you can track website visitors that visits your website and how they interact with your site. Furthermore, with the help of cookies, you can create advertisements that target towards these segment of visitors. Note: Cookies usually can stay around for 90 days, no wonder we kept on seeing the advertisements of the same business once we visited their website!!

An illustration of remarketing process flow

(Image source: Mike Khorev)

Consumers usually don’t make a purchase when the see a product or service for the first time. Hence, remarketing is a digital marketing strategy that you should employ for your business. This can definitely increase the likelihood of a visitor to convert into a customer. Now that you know how businesses keep track of your visit behaviour, you can integrate this digital marketing strategy into your business too!

#6 Mobile Responsive Design

Most of the websites you’ve come across these days, they looks great in whether in desktop or in mobile. This is what we call as mobile responsive design. Google actually listed mobile responsive design as one of their key factor in terms of ranking up a website. Hence, your business website should conform to this standard which would be a norm in the days to come. If you don’t know how to create one, check out some of our mobile responsive designs that we have to offer.

A graph illustration that illustrates the rise of mobile usage

(Image source: Broad Band Search Net)

More than 52% of people use their phones to browse websites these days. If your business website doesn’t look good on visitor’s phone, they would just simply quit the website or wouldn’t stay longer than a minute. This is a digital marketing strategy that seems minor but could deal huge amount of damage to your business if not taken care properly. I’ve came across with many customers lost huge amount of traffic due to this simple mistake.

#7 Email Marketing

I bet you received many emails from businesses that entails what offers they have, new product launches and many more. Sometimes, you even click into these emails and have a look on what they could offer. This digital marketing strategy is the most cost effective among them all as you only require to have a list of emails and you can start your marketing campaign.

To get the highest engagement and conversion, you would also require to design an attractive email content that could gauge the users’s attention. Place links to social pages and landing pages to get the most out of it. This digital marketing strategy ultimately helps you get more customers and increase the conversion rate with compelling contents.

#8 Influencer Marketing

You’ve seen a lot of influencers these days on digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. What these people does is that they promote products or services to their followers and public audiences. Traditional advertising such as newspaper and television no longer dominates the advertisement sector. People nowadays turned to social platforms which also creates a new occupation called social influencers.

Hiring influencers doesn’t necessarily means that you have to get celebrities on board. You just have to get an individual that have high follower numbers and have a great track record of promoting products. The cost of hiring influencers can vary depends on their follower counts and popularity. However, the effectiveness of this digital marketing strategy could provide a handsome return to your business if you could utilise it properly and effectively.

Final Thoughts

These are the 8 Effective Digital Marketing Strategy that all you need to setup a great digital marketing journey for the rest of the year and beyond. These digital marketing strategy is here to stay and will be for the coming years ahead.

Finally, don’t be afraid to work with a Digital Marketing Agency as they are having the necessary expertise that could make your business work in the long term.

You don’t want to waste your hard earned money on simple mistakes don’t you? I hope that you acquire some key takeaways from this post and make your business more successful than ever!

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