Are you a restaurateur who is looking for new ways to increase your business? If so, you should definitely consider registering with foodpanda Malaysia! Foodpanda is one of the largest online food delivery platforms in the country, and it has a huge customer base. In this comprehensive guide, we will show you how to register your restaurant with foodpanda Malaysia and start accepting orders from customers online. Let’s get started!

What is FoodPanda?
Foodpanda is a leading online food delivery platform in Malaysia, connecting customers with their favourite restaurants. With over 30,000 partner restaurants nationwide, foodpanda offers a wide variety of cuisines to choose from, whether it’s Western, Asian, Middle Eastern or Indian food. Customers can order their food through the foodpanda website or mobile app (iOS and Android). Foodpanda is currently available in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Pakistan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Why list my restaurant on Foodpanda?
As a restaurant owner, you may be wondering why you should list your restaurant on Foodpanda. After all, there are many other food delivery platforms available. 

Here are some reasons why listing your restaurant on Foodpanda can be beneficial: 

  • Reach out to new customers: With Foodpanda, you can reach out to new potential customers who may not have heard of your restaurant before. 
  • Convenient ordering system: Customers can easily order food from your restaurant through the Foodpanda app or website. 
  • Fast and efficient delivery: Once an order is placed, our fleet of delivery riders will ensure that the food is delivered quickly and efficiently. 

Benefits of listing restaurant on foodpanda

  • You will have access to foodpanda’s large customer base. 
  • Listing your restaurant on foodpanda is a great way to increase visibility and foot traffic. 
  • Customers can easily order from your restaurant through the foodpanda app or website. 
  • Foodpanda offers promotional tools to help you boost sales and grow your business. 

How does Foodpanda work?
First, customers will enter a delivery address via the foodpanda app or website and select a restaurant nearby. Once the restaurant accepts the order through the mobile apps, they will start preparing the food for a specific pick up time. Then, a foodpanda rider will arrive at the right time to collect and deliver the order within 30 minutes after it was placed.

Foodpanda will send you (the restaurant) the proceeds from your orders every month and provide detailed insights on your performance. In addition, they also offer promotional opportunities that can help increase your sales and visibility.

How to register your restaurant with foodpanda in Malaysia?
Step 1: Register online here.
Step 2 is the approval stage.
Step 3: Foodpanda sends a contract in the third step.
Step 4: Contract execution.
Step 5: Receive a shop menu preview.
Step 6: Get your foodpanda devices.
Step 7: Receive training instruction over the phone.
Step 8: Your restaurant is now available on foodpanda.

How much commission will Foodpanda take from your restaurant?
As a restaurant owner, you may be wondering how much commission foodpanda will charge from your restaurant. The answer is that it depends on your monthly sales volume. Higher monthly sales will require higher platform fees and are charged on a weekly basis.

Commission rate: 30 – 35% / order received via platform.

Licenses or documents required while registering with foodpanda

  • Owner’s identification documents
  • SSM Registration Document
  • Restaurant / Shop License
  • Bank Account details
  • Restaurant / Shop License (If Applicable)
  • Halal Certification (If Applicable)
  • SST ID (If Applicable)

FoodPanda Malaysia Partners Application Form
In order to register your restaurant with Foodpanda Malaysia, you will need to fill in the required details of your restaurant. This includes the restaurant name, city, address, postal code, and cuisine. You will also need to provide particulars of the restaurant owner like the first name, last name, contact number, and email address. Lastly, you will need to upload the restaurant’s menu (pdf, excel, word, jpg) and specify the average cost of a meal for one person. Make sure that the uploaded menu and prices are the same as for dine-in customers. 

By following these steps and providing all of the necessary information, you can successfully register your restaurant with Foodpanda Malaysia. If you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact Foodpanda Malaysia directly. 

That’s all there is to it! By following these simple steps, you can easily register your restaurant with foodpanda Malaysia and start accepting online orders from customers. 

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